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Reconstruction of the street Na Valech


Mint Investments, investor of Shopping Centre Breda & Weinstein, completed the reconstruction of the Na Valech street in Opava at its own costs. The main reason was its unacceptable, at times emergency condition. Construction took place from 15th April to 13th June 2013 and costs amounted to nearly 3 million CZK.

Works included reconstruction of roads, pavements and adjacent built-up surfaces in the western part of the historical centre of Opava. New grass areas were added while old ones were regenerated.   The reconstruction was supposed to improve convenience of citizens and also improve the access to the nearby Shopping Centre Breda & Weinstein. We paid a lot of attention to preserving the access to as many individual estates as possible in all areas affected by the reconstruction.

City of Opava provided granitebricks, which were laid on a small part of the road. City’s Technical Services built a brand new public street lighting. 6 street lamps were set upin this exercise.

Radim Bajgar, managing director of Mint Investments, added: "After the opening of Shopping Centre Breda & Weinstein, we as responsible investors were deeply concerned  with the state of surfaces on the Na Valech street.

Due to strained condition of public budgets we were left with no other option but to invest our own funds into the reconstruction and do all the work under our own management.Our aim is that people would not only drive to our centre but mainly came on foot or by bike, which should also be the most comfortable for them. I believe that opening of SC Breda & Weinstein as well as reconstruction of Na Valech street will increase the comfort and quality of life in the historical centre of Opava.