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Konopiště Resort – Villa Kaplický


Over the last year we gradually became familiar with the collection of current architecture in Konopiště Resort project.

Super temporal modern architecture, which was suggested for this project by 11 reputable architects,is one of the preferences this project has. At the time of the first republic, works of art used to be named like their authors, or had names of their owners. An Architect was considered as an important part of creating a history. The creators of the resort took up this magnificent tradition. Resort has in its collection, apart from social club Volavka, another two apartment houses Kunc and Maura, 15 family houses Maura and 21 Majestic villas, namely Villa Stempel, Villa Sládeček, Villa Eichler, Villa Kavánová, Villa Palaščák, Villa Fránek, Villa Lampa, Villa Bachleda and here is to mention the last from Majestic villas.

VILLA KAPLICKÝ by Future Systems of Jan Kaplický.

Jan Kaplický does not need to be specially introduced. However, we presume that his work is not completely known in Czech Republic. Nevertheless his importance is generally accepted and in people’s awareness, he is the best world wide known architect of Czech origin.



Almost nobody knows that Jan Kaplický with Future Systems was the only architect, who worked for NASA. There are many other projects, which remain unknown in Czech Republic. It is a shame, but it is also only question of time. These days, preparations for an exhibition by Jan Kaplický in the Center of nowadays art DOX in Prague 7 are in progress.

Leoš Válka with all his team does his best to let the public know about this ingenious architect, visionist and fantastic person, so that people can really appreciate his work. Exhibition is designed and realized by Eva Jiřičná with her team and in close cooperation with MRS Eliška Kaplická and large group of foreign specialists. Resort Living lent the original models of both Konopiště Resort designs, so that we can see Villa Kaplický and Club Volavka in a way, how Jan Kaplický modeled them with his courteous modeler in London.