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First big projects in the fund CSPF portfolio


First big projects in the fund CSPF portfolio.

In 2005 invested Mint Investments group in the first projects in Czech and also Slovak Republic. In Czech Republic, the following projects were concerned: Smíchov Real Estate (18,250 m²), Solitaire (9,357 m²), Stodůlky (4,400 m²) and Asseco (8,163 m²) in Prague. In Slovak Republic was it the Atrium Shopping Centre in Bratislava (4,195 m²). In 2005, a future sales agreement with the providing of mezzanine financing (forward funding) was signed for the project Mercury Shopping Centre in České Budejovice (18,000 m²) and investing in the development projects Matějkova (1,697 m²) in Prague and residential project Jégého Alej in Bratislava (56,000 m²).