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Company’s portfolio attacks 500,000m²


Company’s portfolio attacks 500,000 m² of useful premises.

In 2008 the overall number of projects increased to 26 with the overall useful area of 455,325 m². Mint Investments had in portfolio altogether 9 office projects, 5 retail projects, 10 residential projects and 2 city centre projects in 2008. The group extended its capital participation in 2008 for multifunctional project Pilsen City Centre (8,500 m²+20,000 m²) in Plzeň, Slovak OC Štadión in Žilina (65,000 m²) and residential development project Konopiště Resort (20,000 m²). In 2008 Mint Investments also sold its two projects, Palác Anděl (14,582 m²) and finished residential project Zahradní Čtvrt in Prague -Zbraslavi (35,061 m²).