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An investment fund of Mint Investments group has acquired the Coral Office Park.

The office property Coral Office Park in Nové Butovice has changed its owner.

10.02.2022 Read More

Avenir Park Sold

EPISO 4 (an opportunistic real estate fund advised by Tristan Capital Partners) and Mint Investments (operating partner and co-investor) have sold Avenir Park in Prague to AFI Europe for €71 million

01.06.2021 Read More

Metropolis construction just started

Metropolis residential project developer has commenced preparatory works on construction

03.05.2021 Read More

Partners of Mint found a residential rental fund

This is the first fund for small investors focused on rental housing in the Czech Republic

16.11.2020 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments Group acquired building on Prague High Street - Palác Schiller

One of the most prominent buildings in Na Příkopě Street changes ownership. It was acquired by Mint Investments for its private investors.

15.10.2019 Read More
Mint Investments Group

South Koreans buy Main Point Pankrác office building for 115M€

Mint Investments Group has just completed its acquisition for the South Korean investment company, Hana Financial Investment.

01.07.2019 Read More
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Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments wins Asset Manager Honors at HOF Awards 2019

It was Mint Investments that won the Asset Manager prize at the 2019 edition of the HOF Awards, held April 4 at the Marriott Hotel in Prague.

09.04.2019 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments has completed the acquisition of the Florence Office Center

Mint has acted as an advisor to the buyer, coordinating due diligence, negotiating with the seller and will act as asset and property manager of the building

27.12.2018 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint acquired Breda & Weinstein Shopping Center

In June 2018, Mint Investments successfully completed the acquisition of the shopping center Breda & Weinstein from Avestus Capital Partners.

26.07.2018 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Tristan Fund acquires Prague's Avenir Business Park from Lone Star

London – The EPISO 4 opportunistic fund, advised by Pan-European real estate manager Tristan Capital Partners, has acquired the Avenir Business Park office complex

25.07.2017 Read More
Mint Investments Group

AEW successfully sold International Business Center

CBRE has advised AEW Europe with over €60 bn of assets under management, in the disposal of International Business Center (IBC).

16.07.2017 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Laugaricio shopping centre acquired by domestic investor

Slovak investor IAD Investments, acting through its fund Prvý realitný fond o.p.f., has purchased Laugaricio Shopping Centre in Trenčín, Slovakia.

21.12.2016 Read More
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Mint Investments Group

Mint successfully sold Panorama Business Center

Mint acquired Panorama in 2015 with 42% vacancy and since then they have successfully completed their asset management plan, reaching full occupancy, within one year.

06.12.2016 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Raiffeisen Centre is now “The Square”

Raiffeisen Centre, dominant building of Prague 4 – Budejovicka, is renamed as The Square.

25.05.2016 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments acquired the flagship Louis Vuitton store on Pařížská Street

Colliers Advises on Disposal of Louis Vuitton CEE Flagship Store.

18.11.2015 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments acquired another office building

Prime office building in Prague 4 changes ownership.

11.11.2015 Read More

City Point

Mint Investments undertook the acquisition of City Point office building

10.11.2015 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint completed acquisition of the Polygon House

Mint Investments completed the acquisition of Polygon House for its private clients.

16.10.2014 Read More
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Mint Investments Group

Mint Investments acquired Palác Euro and Palác Astra

Mint Investments group finalized the acquisition of Palác Euro and Palác Astra in Wenceslas Square at the end of June.

01.09.2014 Read More

The new centre in Opava is now well established

The Breda & Weinstein Shopping Centre celebrated its first anniversary in November.

03.03.2014 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Mint dokončil akvizici budovy Polygon House

Skupina Mint Investments dokončila akvizici budovy Polygon House pro skupinu svých privátních klientů. Cena akvizice přesáhla EUR 20 milionů.

01.02.2014 Read More
Mint Investments Group

Palác Euro and Palác Astra

Na konci června letošního roku dokončila skupina Mint Investments akvizici Paláce Euro a Paláce Astra na Václavském náměstí.

01.01.2014 Read More

Building of the year award for Breda

On Thursday 10th October 2013 a gala announcement of the prestige award Building of the Year took place in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

14.10.2013 Read More

Reconstruction of the street Na Valech

Mint Investments, investor of Shopping Centre Breda & Weinstein, completed the reconstruction of the Na Valech street in Opava at its own costs.

24.06.2013 Read More
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SC BREDA won another two awards!

The gala announcement of the 7th annual competition Building of Moravian-Silesian Region for the year 2012 was held in Janacek conservatory in Ostrava on Monday 17th

24.06.2013 Read More

Acquisition of Olomouc City shop centre

The Mint Investments real estate and investment group duly paid the auctioned purchase price of EUR 15.1 million for the Olomouc City shopping centre, thereby completing the largest real estate…

11.10.2012 Read More

RUN-UP 2012

Business Centre Bohemia, a modern office building in Pilsen, locally known as the “skyscraper”, will host the great Run-up 2012 race on Sunday 17th June 2012

16.07.2012 Read More

Breda&Weinstein vstoupila do své druhé poloviny

Dokončení betonáže monolitických konstrukcí dvou nových objektů.

16.07.2012 Read More

Mint Investments získalo OC Olomouc City

Jedno z největších moravských obchodních center se prodalo v historicky největší nedobrovolné dražbě v České republice.

01.01.2012 Read More

OC Central Most

Obchodní centrum Central Most bylo otevřeno v květnu 2008. Nachází se na 1. náměstí v samotném centru města Mostu a obyvatelům a návštěvníkům nabízí více než 18.000 m² prodejní plochy.

01.01.2012 Read More
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We have acquired FOC for our private clients

Mint Investments, central-European administrator of non public real estate investment portfolio, successfully finished acquisition of the Factory Office Centre (FOC) building.

05.10.2011 Read More

Konopiště Resort – Villa Kaplický

Over the last year we gradually became familiar with the collection of current architecture in Konopiště Resort project.

13.06.2011 Read More

Mint Investments gains Factory Office Center

Company successfully closed another acquisition in the form of Factory Office Center (FOC).

01.01.2011 Read More

16th year of de MAPIC Trade Show

Festival palace of French Cannes became from 17th until 19th of November an exhibition stage for the already 16th year of MAPIC trade show.

13.06.2010 Read More

Company is selling two projects

Company sells two projects, gains multifunctional project Silesian Court in Opava and realizes first energetic project in the renewable resources sector.

01.01.2010 Read More

Celkový počet projektů se zvyšuje o další dva projekty

Společnost Mint Investments ke svému portfoliu přidala další dva projekty.

01.01.2009 Read More
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Company’s portfolio attacks 500,000m²

In 2008 the number of projects of Mint Investments Company increased to the overall number of 26.

01.01.2008 Read More

Formation of the second key governing firm DEVELON

The investor of the DEVELON fund became the Avestus Capital Partners Company (earlier: Quinlan Private).

01.01.2007 Read More

Realization and financing of the next projects

2006 was significant for the construction of the biggest shopping center in the district of Trenčín in Slovakia, Laugaricio.

01.01.2006 Read More

First big projects in the fund CSPF portfolio

In 2005, Mint Investments Company invested in the first projects in Czech, as well as Slovak Republic.

01.01.2005 Read More

Formation of the one from two governing firms, CSIA

In 2004 Mint Investments group created one of the two key institutional funds with the name CSPF.

01.01.2004 Read More

Company formation

Formation of the Mint Investments company.

01.01.2002 Read More
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