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Maximum returns with minimal risk

Mint Investments is committed to creating above average returns for investors, partners and the company, with minimum risk.


Over the past five years, Mint has concluded transactions totalling more than EUR 1 billion. 

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Focus on ethics, people and results

Mint Investments employs the brightest and best people in the business. Our professionals are our most valuable resource and we encourage everyone to push the boundaries to achieve high returns. This means focusing on the detail while maintaining a view of the big picture and bringing in local partners to augment our core team.

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and Sectors

A wide range of services for
institutional and private investors

Mint has a client portfolio that includes major institutional investors and private funds. This means that whatever the project Mint can assemble a team that provides the combination of services that is absolutely appropriate. This is the advantage of Mint’s integrated real estate service – tailor made for each project.

  • Asset Management

    Mint has a team of asset managers who understand all aspects of the investment process. They take a project from acquisition, managing the investment strategically and tactically, to ultimate disposal. The ability to plan but also to take advantage of changing market forces sets Mint apart.

  • Property Management

    Active and effective management of real estate focusing on revenue growth and reduced operating costs is the driver for real estate value protection and growth. Mint’s property managers represent substantial added value for our investors and tenants. Working closely with our asset managers, we monitor performance of strategic and day-to-day tasks and share long term relationship with our tenants. Last but not least, we constantly aim to reduce operating and environmental costs while maintaining high levels of quality and service.

  • Development

    Mint is a developer of commercial and residential real estate. We set the highest standards of quality and sustainability, maximising returns for us and our investors. We understand the complexities of the investment process and we are uniquely equipped to undertake partial or full redevelopment, which we believe present excellent medium-term investment opportunities.

Our people

  • Sebastien

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    New business

    Expertise: International real estate investment and development.

    Sebastien is a well known and respected figure in the industry, having worked with large international corporations such as GE Real Estate and AFI Group. He is skilled in identification, negotiation and structuring acquisitions of investments and developments. He has a flexible, professional approach, with attention to quality and detail.

  • Radim

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    New business

    Expertise: Investment and development of complex structures.

    Radim has strong partner and investment relations, which are a vital element of the success of Mint Group. Having worked with Deutsche Bank in London and ING Barings, he thrives on creating, negotiating and structuring the most complex real estate deals. He is prudent in his attitude with a strong awareness of the balance between risk and reward.

  • Lukaš

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    Asset management

    Expertise: Collaboration and strong business acumen.

    Lukaš is experienced in managing and developing assets in Central Europe across various market segments. In his time as Managing Director of JLL Czech Republic and Slovakia he was involved in some of the largest leasing and investment transactions in the region. Well respected by tenants, he is a true relationship-builder.

  • Vojtěch

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    Legal and finance

    Expertise: All aspects of banking and finance.

    Vojtěch brings experience from working with ING Barings and HSBC in London, where he advised blue chip institutional investors in CEE countries. He is particularly skilled at structuring financial deals and is an astute analyst, seeing both the big picture and the detail of transactions. At Mint Investments he controls all financial undertakings and structuring of deals.

  • Katarína

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    Leasing and property management

    Expertise: Tenant relationships, leasing and management.

    Katarína is a Slovak national and her local knowledge has been pivotal in the success of Mint’s investments and activities in Slovakia, where she manages all of the Group’s assets. With a career that includes Deutsche Bank and Erste Bank in Vienna and London, she is a highly experienced leasing and property manager.