01 Asset management Asset management Our Asset Management division is staffed with experienced and active asset managers who understand well all aspects of a complex investment process, ranging from acquisition and its structure, strategic and day-to-day management to ultimate disposal of an investment. It is also thanks to knowledge and capabilities of our asset managers that we can generate a higher returns to our investors.
02 Development Development As the market evolved we became also Developers of commercial and residential real estate, aiming at highest industry standards for project sustainablility and quality and delivering returns required by our investors. Due to our proficiency of a complex development process, we are uniquely positioned for any future challenges in the field of partial or full redevelopment, which we consider a great medium term investment opportunity.
03 Property management Property management With market conditions changing after 2008, our Property Management division represents a substantial added value for our investors and tenants, when complemented by our Asset Management. It becomes even clearer that active and effective complex management of real estate focusing on revenue growth and reduction of the operating costs is and will be the engine for real estate value protection and growth.

Our Property Management and Asset Management divisions effectively communicate performance of strategic and day-to-day tasks and share long term relationship with our tenants. Last but not least, Property Management constantly aims to reduce operating costs without compropmising service quality, and decrease energy consumption of any asset.
04 Energy Energy Our experience in the area of retail development, where we received two environmental certificates, LEED and BREAM, as well as our investors interest, brought us to the segment of renewable energy. Mint Energy concentrates on investments into energy and fuel production from renewable resource and related technologie in central Europe. In 2010 we completed our first project in the segment of PV power plants in the Czech Republic, where we acted as both developer and investor. We continue searching and evaluating new technologies and projects in the renewable resources segment, whether PV, wind, water, biomass, or the use of already stored or newly produced municipal waste.