Slezský dvůr

Slezský dvůr

  • Location: Pekařská 408, Opava, Czech Republic
  • Type of the project: Residential
  • Services: Development
  • Fund: Avestus Capital Partners
  • State of the project: Active
  • Size of the project: 9 900 m2

About the project

Project Slezský dvůr will combine residential and commercial construction on the area of approximately 9 000 m² and with modern urban landscaping and architecture will complement historical city center in Opava. Southern part will include more than hundred apartment units and the northern one will be focused on commercial construction. It also will be a fluent link to the social centre Breda & Weinstein. Preliminary urban study of the whole project came from prestigious architectural Czech studio Šafer Hájek. The main aim is to respect typical elements of historical center of Opava. The project includes extention of already existing streets, finishing of incomplete residential blocks of flats and realization of inner blocks relaxing zones.

Pekařská 408, Opava, Czech Republic

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