Shopping centre Stadium

Shopping centre Stadium

  • Location: Žilina, Slovak Republic
  • Type of the project: Retail
  • Services: Development
  • Fund: Fond 2: QPPH
  • State of the project: Non active
  • Size of the project: 65 000 m2

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About the project

Stadium Žilina will be realized in three independent phases. Phase 1 – 29,000m² of premises for rent, Phase 2 – 22,500m² of premises for rent, Phase 3 – 15,000m² of premises for rent. The shopping centre will be bulit in the first phase of construction. then in thethe following two phases, shopping centre will be extended and 16 floor administrative building will be constructed, too. Stadium Žilina will be situated in the city center and has an advantage of excellent transport accessibility. It will be located nearby main railway and bus station and is easily accessible from pedestrian zone. Investor of the project is Irish Quinlan Private together with Slovak company Preto. Developers are firms Develon and Preto. Project was designed by famous Czech architectural studio Petr Franta Architekti, which realized successful shopping centre Atrium Flora in Prague, multifunctional complex Palace Anděl in Prague or Terminal 1 airport Prague - Ruzyně.

Žilina, Slovak Republic

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