Shopping centre Breda & Weinstein

Shopping centre Breda & Weinstein

  • Location: U Fortny 49, Opava, Czech Republic
  • Type of the project: Retail
  • Services: Asset management, Development, Property management
  • Fund: Avestus Capital Partners
  • State of the project: Active
  • Size of the project: 25 000 m2
  • Main tenants: H&M, C&A, New Yorker, Lindex, Reserved, Datart, Spar, Intersport, Tally Weijl, Molo sport, Orsay, Gate, KFC, Cinestar, Fitness Pepa sport, Kajot

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About the project

In the historical center of Opava, on the place of former brewery Zlatovar is constructed a social centre under traditional regional mark Breda & Weinstein, which is more than hundred years connected with the word shopping in Opava, Bruntál and Jeseník district. Centre offers a balanced combination of shops, services, gastronomy, amusement, culture and free time activities.

Breda & Weinstein is an architecturally unique work, which was awarded the title of Building of the Year 2013, an Honourable Mention in the Grand Prix of Architects, Prize of the General Public and an Honourable Mention in the Building of the Moravian-Silesian Region as well as third place in the competition the Best of Realty competition.

U Fortny 49, Opava, Czech Republic

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