Business Centre Bohemia

Business Centre Bohemia

  • Location: Plzeň, Czech Republic
  • Type of the project: Office
  • Services: Asset management, Development
  • Fund: Avestus Capital Partners
  • State of the project: Non active
  • Size of the project: 28 000 m2

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About the project

Business Centre Bohemia is the best known modern office building in Plzeň with own local nickname “skyscraper”. This building, owned by the company BCB-development a.s., was constructed as a complete reconstruction of former administrative building Hutní Projekt Plzeň in 2004 and 2005. This project offers 8 000 m² of technologically most modern office space in 16 attractively designed floors, dining in BOHEMIA RESTAURANT, pleasant atmosphere on the roof bar CrossCafe and sufficient amount of parking places. Potential tenants can also appreciate an absolutely unique view of Plzeň panorama and convenient transport accessibility.

Plzeň, Czech Republic

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